• It is ETHICAL Tutoring executed through electronic medium – tutoring on clearly identified learning goals – NO TEACHING – school is NOT REPEATED – child is encouraged to focus in school! Each contact is against identified learning goals!

  • Parents, tutors and child himself will monitor Child’s report at the same time – Parents COMMIT to it. Nurturing of the talented CANNOT happen without parents. Of course, we make the task very simple for parents by making it prescriptive (micro-, actionable reporting – follow up!) in nature.

  • Designed to make child independent of us as soon as possible – create enabled learners – conceptually backed up, organized higher-level challenges to always keep them on their toes.

Small learning groups
  • Strategic groups based on child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Saving child’s time as the tutor knows the individual problem beforehand.

  • Peer learning – it’s always the best – what we do is to change their conversation topic!