The "so-called" average and weak students are also welcome in this group because we believe that everybody is born gifted. It’s the limitation of the system, which makes them handicapped. It’s the wrong assessment of the child which always lowers his morale because we, at Unlearn Formulae, not only always point out the weakness of the child but here we also give you the confidence to fight your weakness by telling you, your strengths and see you through to your goal by holding your hand and if need be nudging you slowly from behind. So if you are willing to put in the efforts from your side, we are ready to give you our hand for support and pull you out of this so-called average status.


  • To fill the gaps from the previous classes which act as a limiting agent to the student’s performance.

  • To bring students to appropriate class levels and to raise their confidence and then making them learn at their own pace.


Contact Hours 

4 hours per week.



For Grade 9th and Grade 10th