Dear Parents,

Have you ever heard of any parent hiring a tutor to teach video games to their children??
Your answer is most definitely NO! But video games these days are highly technical and complicated! So, if your child can excel at video games, why can’t they excel in studies?


Shouldn’t we try and look at the root of this problem? Why do they enjoy playing video games and not studies? The most probable answer is a sense of achievement that video games let your children feel. Can there be a way for you to provide the same sense of achievement and excitement to your children through studies?


Imagine, if each time you visited a doctor, he prescribed the same medicines without any diagnostic tests, would you keep going back to him? No! Why do we do the same thing to our children in case of education?

Every time a child does not perform well in exams, we ask him/her to study hard. Nobody knows the problem the child is facing, but the only solution we have to offer is to focus and study for longer hours, without any direction or plan. Won't our children eventually start hating studies?

We at Unlearn Kids diagnose the unique and individual problems of every child and help them eradicate these through conceptual clarifications. We cater to the students who are marginalized, the talented ones and the ones who are lagging behind. Fact remains that no child is average, but average is just a number. For talented students who are always stopped by the pace of the class, we help them move ahead to syllabi of higher classes.


Our program is highly personalized. The learning path for each child is customized based on his/her ability and need. We DO NOT adopt the ‘one size fits all’ approach. The program is designed for ABILITY-­‐wise learning rather than AGE-­‐wise learning.


Unlearn Formulae brings to you this unique opportunity of helping your children get better results. We would urge all parents to actively come forward, participate and empower your child with the help of this product.

Thank you,
Rahul Khandelwal (B.Tech, IIT Delhi) Founder, Unlearn Kids