Unlearn Formulae is an initiative by an IITian dedicated to Create and Deliver ABILITY-WISE learning solutions rather than AGE-WISE learning.

Traditional methodologies of teaching Mathematics to children focus largely on learning mathematical formulae, without proper or in depth understanding on the application and reasoning behind mathematical concepts. For most of us, math is merely a collection of formulae, and a formula is like a black-box in which we provide inputs of numbers to arrive at the final answer. But do we know how the black-box works? This ignorance becomes our limitation. If a formula does not directly fit a math problem, we instantly conclude that math is incomprehensible, boring, tough etc. 

At Unlearn Formulae, our effort is to understand what exactly is going on inside that black-box – that formula – and how it works. Having done that, a student is no more afraid of it but can, in fact, play around with it, make her own formulae and apply them to life situations around her. Unlearn Formulae intends to inculcate structural and lateral thinking among students. We focus on understanding where, why and how a particular concept and formula are used.