Unlearn Formulae has designed the system in such a way that it allows the free flow of a single concept across classes in a very natural way. Since the flow is according to the ability of the student rather than the age and the grade of the student, we call this system a Natural Learning System.We have divided the entire syllabus of Math from class VI to X in different domains like number systems, algebra, geometry etc. The domains are further divided into chapters, like the domain Geometry will have chapters namely, Triangles and its properties, Congruence of triangle, Circles etc. and these chapters are further subdivided into concepts. Each concept is then assessed at different levels from focusing on excelling the curriculum to building competence for the competitive exams. So when a student is attempting the chapter Circle he is allowed to study from the very basics concepts of the circle to the higher and more complex concepts involved.


This, we believe, will eliminate the boundaries of the age-wise grades and give back his self-confidence that he can learn new things on his own. Our report will tell the student that even though he is at Class VIII, in Circles he is at Class IX level, in Triangles he is at Class VII level, etc. So we intend to point out the areas of the student's weaknesses and his strengths and at the same time help the tutor fill the gaps specifically so that we help the student move on again.